PGP keys


[E]mails can and should be encrypted by everyone. The often-repeated claim that a person has no secrets and thus has no need to encrypt messages must be countered by pointing out that written messages are not normally sent on postcards. However, an unencrypted e-mail is nothing than a letter without an envelope. [...] The public authorities should set a good example and themselves employ encryption as a standard practice in order to demystify the process.

European Parliament, Temporary Committee on the ECHELON Interception System, Working Document in preparation for a report on the existence of a global system for intercepting private and commercial communications (ECHELON interception system), May 18, 2001, S. 103. Hervorhebung von mir.


Here you can download my public keys for the encryption software PGP:

Key for PGP version 5 and later (approx. 5 kB)

Key with photo for for PGP version 6 and later (approx. 16 kB)

Key type: Diffie-Hellman/DSS

Key length: 4096/1024 bit


The content of this page is not encrypted. You should therefore verify the keys' fingerprints using an independent channel.

You can download the freeware version of PGP on the International website.


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